Huge Surprise and Blessing

Over the weekend, I received the following letter in the mail from VCU and MCV:

This was a COMPLETE surprise to me. I had applied for financial aid back in the spring, and was subsequently denied (which wasn’t a surprise); so receiving this over the weekend completely floored me. If you weren’t aware, 100% = 7 digits.

If you think about, pray for Mike M., Thomas Y., Ralph C., and Darrell G. These were the VCU and MCV officials who made this happen, along with main VCU Financial Counselors I have been working with this whole time: Jennifer B. and Tundria (the main one who has really gone to bat for me in holding my hand through all the money issues associated with treating Leukemia).

Pray that God would bless their life, and if they don’t already know Jesus, they would come to a saving faith in him. This is a really big thing, and something that only God could orchestrate, and my prayer is that it would bring many to see and fear and know our Lord.

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