CBR Reflections

CBR Reflection | Romans 8:26-30

Read Romans 8:26-30 here.

Father, I’m especially thankful today that I am a recipient of the FULL array of gospel benefits on display in these verses: the Holy Spirit’s intercession in my weakness, the fact that you know everything about me, the fact that you are in control over everything in my life, and the full array of your savings acts towards me. I’m so thankful for the assurance all this brings right now, the eternal security that provides…the fact that through all this I am being “conformed” to the image of your Son, Jesus. You knew me before time began…you knew me before “cancer,” and will one day finish the work you’ve started in me with a glorified resurrection body. Thank you for the comfort and peace and security this brings my heart and mind today in the midst of everything else swirling around. Help me to bring you glory today because you are the firm foundation of all my deliverance.


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