CBR Reflections

CBR Reflection | Psalm 95:1-11

Read Psalm 95:1-11 here.

SURRENDER though Prayer

Father, lead me to your cross again this morning. Help me to see the suffering of Jesus in my place today. Make that real for me as it gives me hope and assurance and peace to endure in a way that brings you much fame and glory, letting others others see the good news of Jesus on display through seemingly dire times.

PRAY through Your Pen

Father, your grace to me is the “rock of my salvation.” Let this provoke me to joyful, humble worship of you today, letting it be quick on my lips through singing and testimony, letting it be real and tangible with my honest interactions with others. Help this truth to lead me in humble prayer and intercession and confession before you today, because you are great and deserving of all my affections because of who you are ar, and of what you have done in my life.

Help me not to complain and grumble today. Help me not to adopt some sorta weird or superstitious ritual to cajole your repentance and promise of rest. Help me to find rest in the promise of your word which you have given to me. Help me to continue to find repentance in the eternal salvation you have granted me in the life, death, and resurrection of your son Jesus. Don’t lead me astray. Keep me in front of his cross today. Don’t let me become discontent with my situation. Don’t let me become disobedient. Keep me close to you and your commandments. Holy Spirit, lead me in the joyful and obedient worship of God, my great King, Maker, and Shepherd today. Continue to melt my ungrateful heart with his abundant kindness towards me in Christ. A kindness that has found its supreme expression in the sending of his own Son in the fullness of time, for me.

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