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CBR Reflection | Psalm 75:1-10

Read Psalm 75:1-10 here.

Father, this life sucks right now. From enduring chemo for cancer, to now having to make difficult decisions about transplants; to senseless deaths from virus’, police officers, vigilantes, and rioters; to the general fear and sense of dread that now permeates our culture. I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around it. I knew we were sinful, but moments like this reveal just how much sin has permeated us and our culture.

Thank you that your word never fails to testify to your goodness and your trustworthiness, and bring comfort to me. Help me to continue to seek after you and abide in your word for assurance during these tumultuous times. Your name and accompanying attributes remind me that you are always near. Comfort me now with your nearness. Restore my weary soul.

Thank you for your assurance in this Psalm that YOU sustain the cosmos and our society. Thank you for the assurance in this Psalm that you judge the wicked, while at the same time extending grace and kindness and time for them to repent. Thank you for the reminder that majorities, victories, and consensuses do not determine what is right. Right is right regardless of who subscribes or does not subscribe to it.

Lead me to repentance today where unbelief reigns in my life. Lead me to encourage others to repent lest God’s judgement “foam” against them. Help me to put my faith and confidence and trust in your name, which is ultimately personified in Jesus, the righteous one who conquered death, and now rules and reigns at God’s right hand. Establish my identity even further in HIM today, and not the narrative of this world. And not just for my sake, but others as well. I need you, Lord. I need your help to continue to move forward in this fallen and racist world. Help me, Lord.

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