CBR Reflections

CBR Reflection | Psalm 71:1-24

Read Psalm 71:1-24 here.

Father, thank you that your grace, and your mercy, and your forgiveness, and your peace, are sufficient in every stage of life…no matter what is going on outside my window. A day doesn’t doesn’t go by where your mercy and faithfulness and steadfast love don’t buttress my life. Help me to remember that today. Don’t let me take it for granted. Help me to look back over today and “shout for joy” that YOU did not disappoint. In the meantime, I need your help. I need to remember that my eternal hope in you is stronger than my anxiety, is stronger than any fear; is stronger than any conspiracy theory, because it is based on you, your righteous acts, your salvation…all personified in Jesus who put all his hope and trust in your matchless character, even to the point of death on a cross. Help me to do the same today. I’m weak. I’m tired. Give me the courage and strength today to faithfully proclaim your might and power to all who come my way. Give me an eternal perspective today. Give those around me an eternal perspective today. Give me hope in the promise of resurrection as Jesus was resurrected. Help me to know that one day I will get to sing to you personally, having not been disappointed, or put to shame, united completely in you through Christ.

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