CBR Reflections

CBR Reflection | Psalm 64

Read Psalm 64 here.

Father, hear my voice today: I don’t want to hurt like this. I need your strength and compassion today. I’m weak and forgetful. Help me hear your words in my head and out of my mouth, and remember that you have never left me. Preserve my life today: I don’t want to die like this. It’s so easy to turn inward right now and contract. Help me remember my identity in Christ, who has given me a refuge for all my fears. Who has already shown me how to suffer and worship well. Help me expand into him today. Hide me in you today: I just want to feel sorry for myself and not talk with anyone. Give me a renewed sense of astonishment and fear of you today. Help me find strength and confidence to continue to tell others “what God has brought about” in my life through Jesus, and to continue to “ponder what he has done” in bringing me to this place. Help me rejoice in who you are! Help me find joy in the refuge you have given me in Jesus! Let my heart exult!

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