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CBR Reflection | 2 Kings 6

Read 2 Kings 6 here.

Can’t remember how many times either I’ve prayed, or I’ve heard other meaningful Christians pray, that God would “lift the veil” and show us the spiritual battle going on around us. If God would just show us the power of his invisible kingdom, then we would no longer fear or be anxious…similar to Elisha’s servant. So Elisha prays that God would “open his eyes.” I get it. As I think about it now, on this side of the cross, this is exactly what God has already done for me. He has sent his Son, the fullness of his kingdom and power, into this world for me. The invisible God HAS become become visible. He not only peeled back the curtain of his invisible kingdom for me, but He came from it, and lived in our midst, in a body like mine. Thankful today that in Jesus, I can clearly see the power of God’s invisible kingdom in its fullness in a MUCH fuller way than even Elisha’s servant saw. So when fear, and uncertainty, and anxiety continue to grasp my mind and heart, my prayer becomes that God would open my eyes by faith to the fullness of reality found only in Jesus, from which I continue to receive grace upon grace.


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